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Campus Organizations


The Campus Organizations directory identifies established entities (organizations and influencers) whose primary missions and responsibilities are championing free speech on college and university campuses in the United States.

How was the Directory Created?

This Directory was created through a combination of two methods:

  1. Online search engine queries yielding results related to campus-affiliated entities with demonstrated activity on free speech issues since 2015, and;
  2. Social media searches for accounts and posts identifying topics and advocates with demonstrated interest in campus free speech issues and mining those accounts for organizations and influencers that follow and or promote those topics and advocates. Research for the directory was performed by the Fors Marsh Group.

What kinds of organizations are eligible for inclusion?

To be included in the directory, three criteria must be met:

  1. A confirmed physical or digital presence;
  2. An affiliation with a college campus or student body organization;
  3. Evidence of activity since January 2015.

To suggest an organization or influencer be added to the directory, please fill out and submit this form.